I love using Psychometric tools in training courses and while there are those who are not so keen on them – I know, from personal experience, that when they are properly administered by a qualified practitioner … the results prove the nay-sayers wrong.

In February I attended a three day accreditation program for the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) with 26 other like minded people. The program was intense, and the assessment took quite some effort, but I am now a qualified practitioner.

The model of Whole Brain Thinking won’t be new to many of you. Dividing the brain into the left and right (Rational and Intuitive respectively) and then the upper, Cerebral brain and then the lower, Limbic Brain. Leaving us with a four quadrant model. It’s an excellent tool for helping individuals and teams understand the thinking process and how they lead, make decisions and communicate to each other.

Article by Adam Le Good, Director of Fundamental Training and Development

This is an excellent tool for teams and individuals. Fundamental Training and Development offers individual coaching and a range of Team building programs Contact us to see if the HBDI is the right instrument for your needs. Contact us for a tailored program today.