Prime your team for collaboration

THRIVING TEAMS are built on healthy relationships, clear and common purpose, trust and equal voice. Their members talk openly, listen to, and learn from each other. They foster diversity, share values and share accountability. Thriving teams are highly responsive and proactively collaborate.

Collaborizza is ideal to help remote teams come together and share an invigorating and energising session to re-spark their current team behaviour and future collaborations.

Team thriving: self‑delivered

With the right tools, teams can be empowered to develop these kinds of collaborative foundations by delivering their own thriving team workshops.

This self-delivered approach is flexible, responsive and creates outstanding team engagement. The session is easy to deliver, with the ‘Session Recipe’ and economically scaled, as each box has material for a team of twelve.

Fundamental Training & Development can facilitate it for you if you would prefer.

Collaborizza Box
Collaborizza Cards
Collaboration Assessment Tool
Collaborizza full kit

Two proven tools, one powerful session recipe

Collaborizza brings together two powerful tools: CCS Corporation’s proven image card facilitation system known as CCS Cards, and Hargraves Institute’s Collaboration Assessment Tool for Teams.

The image cards provide an easy way for even inexperienced facilitators to create a safe, constructive space for their team to have honest, open and robust conversations about performance and collaborative behaviour.

The collaboration assessment tool then provides the team with an objective way to evaluate their current capacity for collaboration and identify immediate actions they can take to help them thrive and do better.

What is in the Collaborizza kit?

Collaborizza is a complete workshop in a box. It uses proven tools in a self-guided, powerful way to prime your team for collaboration and each box includes all the know-how you need (tools, templates and instructions) to run an effective, enjoyable half-day group workshop.

Each Collaborizza kit includes:

  • Step by step instructions
  • The Collaboration Assessment Tool
  • 12 packs of CCS Collaborizza Cards
  • 12 ‘Me in this Team’ journals
  • 18 sheets of vision stickers
  • 4 sticker templates

Experienced and tested by organisations including HealthShareNSW, Atlassian,
Workplace by Facebook, Weir Consulting, MNF Group, Sydney Trains and Westpac.

Collaborizza group work
Collaborizza small group work
Collaborizza User
Collaborizza team work

What our clients are saying

“One of the best workshops we’ve ever done. Valuable conversations and great collaboration from everyone.”
Rene Sugo, CEO, MNF Group

“Empowers any leader to be self-sufficient to enhance the performance of their team through better collaboration.”
Derek O’Donnell, Senior Vice President, Brambles UK

“Highly recommend trying this new product … 20 years of collaboration experience packaged into a series of exercises for YOU and your TEAM!” 
Dom Price, Atlassian


COLLABORIZZA™ is a trademark of CCS Corporation Pty Ltd. Developed in a collaboration between CCS Corporation and Hargraves Institute.

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