The essence of presentations

I read an article recently which stated that the most important thing about your presentations was a content. I couldn’t help it, I just had to disagree. But as I read the article it was hard to argue with the authors points … without a well defined purpose and...

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The nine dangers of the guest speaker

Let me start with an apology to all guest speakers. I know it’s a tough job. Not only are they coming into the group cold, with very limited time, but they are up against professional speakers who do this for a living. So, my heart goes out to them, but, the focus of...

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Professor Martin Seligman spent many years creating his PERMA model of wellbeing, now known as the Positive Psychology movement. These are the five elements Seligman discovered: Positive emotions – focusing on the positive Engagement – being completely absorbed in...

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It seems as if most of our day is taken up dealing with difficult people, this is not the reality for most people. For most, I would say it is less than five percent of your day and more probably much less depending on your role. Of course if you’re on the complaints...

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