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Adam Le Good has an excellent sense of humour which made the course more interesting.

Gameedar, University of Waikato

I don’t know how it could be improved as I thought it was the best course I have participated in. Adam is the best trainer/facilitator I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.

Alan, Victoria University

Change Management

Adam Le Good was an exceptional trainer as through his entertaining and instructional technique he managed to keep 13 people’s attention for the entire day. His material was also informative, thought provoking and worthwhile.

Mandy, National Australia Bank

Communication and Presentation Skills

Adam is a fantastic trainer who knows his subject material and can present it in a way that has everyone captivated. He was able to apply the course material to our every day working environment which will be valuable back at work. Thanks Adam. I look forward to further training with you.

Larissa, Wilmar

Courageous Conversations

Adam Le Good is a brilliant facilitator I am full of praise of his style of communicating/presenting…he is a very positive person whose optimism and energy spreads over to his audience he is very effective he knows how to engage the audience and makes it so interesting and I always look forward to attending courses held by him. He is the best facilitator I have dealt with so far. I highly recommend RMIT to keep using his services.

Anonymous, RMIT University

Customer Service

Adam is one of the most interesting presenters I have had. He has done a great job considering the material and the topic can be quite mundane.

Josie, Accenture

I think it was well presented, especially since we all think we know Customer Service back to front. I learnt a few useful things.

Lynelle, Sydney University

Fun interesting trainer. There was no ‘drifting off’ in my head.

Jenny, Hutt City Libraries

Dealing with Conflict

Presenter was excellent – was confident, experienced, capable and flexible. As my main interest is counselling/training I could not speak too highly of you Adam.

Jennifer, Department of Health and Human Services

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

The program actually exceeded my expectations. You delivered the information in a manner that keeps interest levels high and are also entertaining.

Elizabeth, Peter MacCallum Institute

Fantastic, very informative, Adam made me feel comfortable to speak my mind.

Louise, Nurse. The Valley Private Hospital

Adam, you have an engaging style and fun style which makes it a safe learning environment and stimulates participant interest. Thanks.

Allison, RMIT University

Adam is an exceptional presenter. This was a relevant, useful and also enjoyable course.

Sarah, National Library of Australia

This was probably the most comprehensive and enjoyable training I have attended.

Anonymous, City of Sydney

Adam our tutor is the most knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging tutor – It was such an enjoyable course. Highly recommend to all staff!

Anonymous, City of Sydney

Diploma of Management

I have a very short attention span and had always thought I’d never study again because of this. Adam kept the information fun, interesting and engaging so that I could hold on to it for longer.

Di, Inner Eastern Community Health Service

Frontline Customer Service

Thank you for an interesting session and for keeping your energy up throughout the training. I can’t wait to do another course.

Melissa, Monash University

Fundamentals of Supervision

Very lively trainer made it interesting. Lots of relevant activities tied in theory and how it can be applied in the workplace.

Jenny, Department of Health and Human Services

Thanks so much it was brilliant! Well worth my company’s money. Rapport generated was excellent – everyone felt free and open. Terrific sensitivity to our learning styles.

Robin, University of Melbourne

Getting Started in Management

I enjoyed the course thoroughly, but mostly I found Adam to be an extremely knowledgeable person in his field with an amazingly adaptive sense of humour.

Mark, Digital Colour

My expectations were exceeded and I had an enjoyable time while gaining a good insight into management techniques.

Paul, Australia Post

It was fabulous. Pitched at a good level, established enthusiasm to learn more, always interesting and made it easy to turn up after a hard day’s work. Adam is a legend.

Andrea, Legal Partner, Gill Kane and Brophy

Adam knows his stuff and is also entertaining at the same time.

Peter, City of Darebin

Influence and Negotiation Skills

The presenter Adam Le Good was fantastic in keeping the group enthusiastic.

Pat, Deakin University

Changed my life – The planning phase in particular. Very entertaining relevant presenter.

Wendy, Deakin University

Lead and Manage Organisational Change

Adam was by far the best facilitator I’ve experienced. Extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. Great humour. Thanks


Leading Teams

Adam was a great presenter. His style made the course interesting and motivating and easy to put into practice in the future.

Anne, National Library of Australia

The presenter created a very interesting and entertaining environment, keeping me engaged for the entire session. He is someone who should continue to be utilised for future courses.

Elizabeth, National Library of Australia



Leading Through Change

Excellent facilitation! Adam was very in tune with the needs of the group and was most engaging.”

Tess, National Australia Bank

Managing Challenging Customers

Adam was a fantastic speaker with a great sense of humour. He made the session interesting and has great knowledge of challenging behaviours to pass on.

Ursula, Bayside Libraries

It was informative and practical and well presented. The Presenter was very compassionate – as someone with experience of a mental illness I appreciate this.

Sarah, Parramatta Libraries

Managing your Work, Yourself and your Time

Of all the courses attended so far in my life, this one has set the highest standard which I believe will never be reached.

Michael, Monash University

Managing your Thesis Project

It was excellent. Well-paced and practical. Discussion was good and well-structured and guided. Adam was great. Clear, enthusiastic and open to our expectations and feedback. Thanks.

Alan, Monash University

I lack focus and attention, but Adam was able to keep me “focused” all day. Relevance and Humour.

Tony, Monash University

Mentoring for Practicing Mentors

One of the most engaging presenters – established an excellent relationship with the group.

Shane, Toowoomba Regional Counci

Adam engaged the group and was entertaining, and this facilitated group involvement of a number of busy people for the full day.

Mark, Toowoomba Regional Council

Optimising Teamwork

Adam was an outstanding trainer. I had gone through some of the tests and tools before, but not gained nearly as much insight. Very Beneficial.

Alison La Trobe University

Thanks Adam, for a well-presented program that caught everyone’s attention at every part of the program. I enjoyed this immensely and enjoyed interacting with members of my team that I wouldn’t ordinarily.

Wendy, La Trobe University

Presenting for Impact

Adam was great. Really approachable and ‘human.’ If other questions or topics came up, he dealt with them. He made you feel important.

Rencu, Monash University

Project Management

Great, balanced, humorous, creative and informative.

Leeanne, Learning and Development Branch, Mallesons Stephen Jaques

This course was pitched exactly to my needs and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kerrie, Orica

Adam presented the two-day program in such an interesting and unique way. He turned Project Management into something tangible through outstanding team building exercises and examples. I highly recommend this course and would love to do more of Adam’s courses!

Roberta, Southern Cross University, Lismore

Selection Skills

Great, entertaining, engaging trainer. Makes a huge difference. Thanks Adam well done.

Jacqui, ITS trainer Monash University


The information provided was excellent – very professional, great humour. Fantastic presenter, I enjoyed his style.

Julie, Secondary School Nurse, Department of Health and Human Services

Thanks Adam – your ability to respond to the group, your use of humour and your knowledge of your topic are all excellent!

Carol, Secondary School Nurse, Department of Health and Human Services

Setting and Managing Priorities

Adam was an excellent presenter. Very clear, knowledgeable and entertaining. Great course which has given me a lot of good tips.

Jodie, Deakin Uni

Exactly what I needed! Motivating!

Gayle, University of Melbourne

Staff Selection

This was one of the best/most interesting and informative courses I have done at the university – better than the old PowerPoint presentation and having the presenter just reading it out.

Sue, Monash University

Team Leadership and Supervision

The energy and presentation style of the facilitator was particularly effective. Reality based learning from much experience. A wealth of information within the training. Highly interactive.

Robert, Mind

I really enjoyed Adam’s style of presentation. He kept my attention by mixing it up and giving real examples and using energy and humour.

Di, St Kilda Drop-in Centre

Time Management

Adam, I really enjoyed today. Your personality made the learning fun. I thought your written handouts were brilliant and so much better than the “PowerPoint” papers I normally see as they will allow me to re-read/think later. I can see that I will benefit. Thank you.

Sue, Riversdale Dental

Working in Projects

Great style of teaching, fantastic rapport, interesting content. Thanks Adam.

Angela, Government Superannuation Office

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