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Training and development is an investment,
not only in your people,
but also in your organisation’s long term wellbeing.

Investing in people skills – a winning business strategy

It has long been our understanding that great people with excellent skills, who are growing and developing on a daily basis and enjoy coming to work, are fundamental to the success of any enterprise.

Fundamental to the wellbeing of your people is a sense of confidence in themselves, their management and the organisation. Their feelings of competence, a sense they are appreciated and the knowledge the organisation invests in their personal and professional development improves productivity and reduces both absenteeism and staff turnover. It is an investment, not only in your people, but in your organisation’s long term wellbeing.

To that end, Fundamental Training & Development is here to help you.

Services we offer

Management Development

Well trained managers, team leaders and supervisors are essential to productivity, staff retention, recruitment and all aspects of effective organisational life. Read more …

Personal Development

Personal development training is an investment in your organisation’s most valuable asset. Read more …

Team Development

Working in teams and leading teams effectively is integral to the success of an organisation. Read more …

Technology Training

We can help turn your technology into an asset as staff learn to use it more efficiently and effectively. Read more …


Collaborizza is ideal for remote teams to come together and share an invigorating and energising session to re-spark their current team behaviour and future collaborations.  Read more …

Other Services

Can’t find it in the lists above? Perhaps there are other ways we can help. Read more …

Of all the courses attended so far in my life, this one has set the highest standard which I believe will never be reached. (Managing Your Work, Yourself and Your Time)


How we work

As a customer-focused organisation, Fundamental Training and Development consultants meet with you to develop an individual program to ensure your learning outcomes are met. Our programs are tailored to your needs, practical, interactive and enjoyable. We strive to achieve maximum participant interaction and involvement by minimising theory and structuring the practical experience to the real and immediate needs of the participants.

Courses are delivered using a combination of theoretical sessions, questionnaires, tailored case studies, simulations, group discussions, role plays and self directed learning. This, combined with a set of comprehensive course notes will enhance the transfer of learning to the workplace.

Our presenters are all knowledgeable in their subject areas, engaging and personable. They are able to adjust programs to meet the needs of the participants.

Our training philosophy

Underlying all we do at Fundamental Training and Development is a set of philosophical values which we bring to every program, from the initial consultation to the development and delivery of the training event.

Our organisational philosophy is listed below:


Skills have to be useful. Theory has its place – but knowing how to do a thing will never be as satisfying, or as useful, as actually doing it.


I heard it said once that ‘the mind can only absorb what the backside can endure.’ If you’re not enjoying the learning experience, then you’re probably not learning.


Participants must feel safe in the training room. We aim to provide a safe, inclusive and comfortable learning environment to maximise participation and comfort.


We believe that a well planned and structured program is pointless if it’s not meeting the needs of the people in the room. Our programs are structured in such a way that we can be responsive to the needs of our participants, whilst still remaining relevant to the topic at hand.


We aim to conduct ourselves and our programs with the utmost integrity. We maintain a genuine commitment to the success of your organisation, the training effort and the individuals attending the program.

Our mission

To help organisations build better leaders, teams, individuals and cultures by providing the most relevant, up-to-date and practical skill development programs, and delivering those programs in an engaging style that will enable skills transfer within the workplace.

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